January 24, 2024 Release Notes

Lender Hub - Ability to enable and disable file downloads from applications

We have added a new functionality to enable or disable the download of any of the application's document files.

When document download is enabled, the agents will continue to interact in the same way they have done so far.

When the document download is disabled, the agent will not be able to download any documents. Instead they will only be able to preview the documents inside the browser. The preview behavior will be reflected in the action button label and icon as well, for example a report button will will say "View report" (instead of "Download report").

When downloading is turned off, the agent will preview the documents in a modal:

Document types that are affected by this feature:

  • Exports of the Pipeline and of the User, including MISMO and Fannie Mae Exports

  • Lender Documents, Borrower Documents and Borrower Documents by previewing the task

  • VOA Integrations Reports: AccoutCheck, Finicity

  • AUS Integrations Reports: DU, LPA

  • Credit Check Integrations Reports: CBC Innovis, Factual Data, MeridianLink, Informative Research, CredCo

  • LOS integrations files: Byte, Encompass, LendingQB, Mortgage-Director, MortgageFlex

  • VOIE Integrations Reports: Worknumber, Truework

  • Value to Clients: The client will now be able to limit file downloads, protecting the download of files with sensitive data from borrowers.

  • Leveraging this Feature: This permission is enabled by default. If the clients want to disable the download should contact support@revvin.com.

Liabilities - Added the liability payoff status indicator to LPA requests

The payoff status indicator for each liability will default to false when left empty. This will avoid the error in LPA that the liability payoff status indicator is required in case the status has not been specified in each liability.

This indicator can be modified to true from the same places where it is normally done, when editing the liability.

  • Value to Clients: Make the process easier for agents, as it reduces the number of errors displayed when running LPA.

  • Leveraging this Feature: This will now be the default behavior of our system

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