File Types Accepted

  • FNMA 3.2 Pushed directly to LOS

  • MISMO 3.4 Pushed directly to LOS

Hub to LOS Document Integration

Client-provided documents push to LOS

LOS to Hub Document Integration

Not supported at this time

Loan Status Sync to Hub

  • Loan Status syncs from LOS

  • Automatic updating of Loan Status

Custom Field Mapping


Loan Officer Assignment

  • Can be assigned in LOS based on LO Hub application link

  • Can be assigned in LOS based on application type, even if no LO assigned in Hub

Third Party Integration Support

  • Third Party Services can be ordered in Application Hub

  • Reference/Report ID can map to LOS

  • Report will push to LOS documents

Mapping to Loan Templates

  • Mapping can be completed based on basic loan template type (Conventional, Construction, HELOC, etc.)

  • Mapping can be completed based on specific loan product (30 Year, 15 Year, ARM, Fixed, etc.)

Disclosure Delivery

  • Initial Disclosures supported

  • Re-disclosures supported

  • Closing Disclosure supported

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