Mar 8, 2022 Release Notes

Borrower Portal Changes

Selectively Show Create an Account message
Until now, if a task was locked, the “Task Locked” message was always displayed.
Effective with this release, we have modified this behavior so that, if a task is locked and the task is configured to also require the Borrower to create an account/save progress, we will display the “Create an Account” message.
The text that is displayed in both situations is 100% customizable. The difference is that, when the “Create an Account” message is displayed, the Borrower is also presented with a button to create an account.
Benefits of this enhancement:
  • It makes it clear that the Borrower needs to create an account/save progress to access the task.
  • It provides the Borrower with the ability to take the desired action (create an account) by displaying a button that the Borrower can click to do so.
If your Borrower Portal question flow already contains one or more tasks that require the Borrower to create an account/save progress to be accessible, then this change will apply to those tasks without additional configuration.
Task Locked message
Create Account message