Third Party Integrations

Our platform integrates out of the box with more than 40 service providers. Depending on each client's needs, we can turn on and expose any number of those integrations.

Examples of integration types are:

  • Day 1 certainty verification of assets, income and employment

  • Running a credit report at any point in the flow

  • Sending or obtaining data from a back-office system, such as an LOS

  • e-Sign documents and disclosures

  • Obtain pricing information for loan products

  • Insurance providers

We are constantly adding new integrations to our system. Let us know if you would like to learn if we integrate with a specific provider.

Credit Check Integrations

We can integrate with many credit check providers, and can customize the way in which credit reports are pulled for borrowers. Credit pulls can happen automatically at chosen point in the application process, or manually from within the Lender Hub. The report can be viewed, downloaded, and even reordered right from the Maxwell Services tab within the application itself. Some credit check integrations will also automatically import all associated liabilities, providing a complete picture of the borrowers credit standing. We do not send borrower phone numbers when we request credit pulls, so your borrower's personal information is secure.

Verification of Assets (VOA) Integrations

We integrate with VOA providers to allow assets to be verified within the app itself, saving time normally required to manually verify the assets or send VOA requests to a separate provider.

Within the application itself, assets which have been verified are labeled as such, clearly indicating which assets require more supporting documents.

The full assets report can also be downloaded from the Services tab of the application.

Verification of Employment

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