Jul 30, 2020 Release Notes

Lender Portal

New Customization Options for Lender Portal

The lender portal look can be edited now - logo, colors and favicon of the Lender Portal can all be easily updated now.

Upload Documents

Lender Portal users can now upload documents to applications

Claim Account Feature

New Lender Portal users are now notified when their accounts are created.

Resend Claim Account Emails

New feature for Lender Portal users to resend claim account emails.

Credit Authorization Date

We now store the Credit Authorization Date and push it to Encompass.
New Fannie Mae Fields Mapping
New fields are now mapping to Fannie Mae File: We have added some new refinance fields to our Fannie Mae File mapping.

Secondary Email Address Is Not Usable bug fix

This issue has been resolved. In addition, this Lender Portal User profile field has been enhanced to the user to:
  • Temporarily specify one or more out-of-office/vacation email addresses.
  • Enter one or more email addresses to be CC’d on all Borrower-related notifications that the user receives.