Feb 15, 2022 Release Notes

Lender Portal Changes

Reports - UI Enhancements

This release contains several minor UI improvements to Reports page borders and layout, all intended to make the Reports feature easier on the eye and more intuitive to use.

Borrower Portal Changes

Allow the Borrower to reload the EllieDocs eSign Task

We have added a new button to let the Borrower know that they can reload an eSign task if they encounter an error that may be resolved by refreshing the page.

Improved Date Picker

Effective with this release, Borrower question flows that include Date Picker components will benefit from the following improvements:

  • More polished overall look and improved accessibility.

  • Ability for the Borrower to either type the date or pick it from a calendar.

Note: Borrower questions that use the regular Date input component (a simple entry field with the “mm/dd/yyyy” mask) will not be affected by this enhancement.

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