Meridian Link

Meridian Link

Borrower Hub Integration

  • Borrowers are asked for their full name, SSN, and DOB

  • Upon providing relevant information, borrowers are prompted to authorize a credit pull

  • Clients can choose an automated credit pull after authorization is received or a manual pull completed by the LO in the Lender Hub

  • Borrowers can view their scores by reviewing the Credit Task

Lender Hub Integration

  • Based on permissions, Lender Hub users can pull borrower credit reports after credit authorization is received

  • After a report has been pulled, Lender Hub users can view borrower credit scores and the credit report

Additional Information

MeridianLink works with the following Credit Resellers to provide credit pull services:

  • Advantage Credit

  • Advantage Plus

  • Alliance 2020

  • American Reporting Company

  • Birchwood Credit Services, Inc.

  • CBFS Business Solutions

  • Certified Credit Link

  • Certified Credit Reporting

  • CIC Credit

  • CIS Information Services

  • CISCO Credit

  • Clear Choice Credit

  • Credit Bureau Services

  • Credit Link

  • Credit Plus

  • Credit Technologies, Inc.

  • Credit Technology, Inc.

  • DCI Credit

  • ISC

  • Kewanee Credit Bureau

  • Merchants and Professional Credit Bureau, Inc.

  • Merchants Credit Bureau

  • Merchants Credit Bureau (SAV)

  • Midwest Mortgage Credit Services

  • Premium Credit Bureau

  • Rapid Credit Reports

  • Sarma

  • Service 1st Infosystem

  • Settlementone Credit Corp.

  • The Credit

  • Clients will need to ask their credit provider to whitelist Maxwell IP addresses

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