Lending QB

Lending QB

File Types Accepted

  • FNMA 3.2 Pushed directly to LOS

  • MISMO 3.4 Pushed directly to LOS

Hub to LOS Document Integration

Client-provided documents push to LOS

LOS to Hub Document Integration

Not supported at this time

Loan Status Sync to Hub

Not Supported at this time

Custom Field Mapping


Loan Officer Assignment

  • Can be assigned in LOS based on LO Hub application link

  • Can be assigned in the LOS based on application type, even if no LO assigned in the hub

Third Party Integration Support

  • Third Party Services can be ordered in Borrower and Lender Hubs

  • Reference/Report ID can map to LOS

  • Reports push to LOS documents

Mapping to Loan Templates

  • Mapping can be completed based on basic loan template type (Conventional, Construction, HELOC, etc.)

  • Mapping can be completed based on specific loan product (30 Year, 15 Year ARM, Fixed, etc.)

Disclosure Delivery

Not supported at this time

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