May 5, 2020 Release Notes

What’s New or Improved:

Lender Portal Pipeline CSV Download

Lender Portal users (with the appropriate permissions) will now be able to download a spreadsheet with the basic application data from the Lender Portal.

Finicity Integration VOA

Backend only.

Improved Lender Portal Mobile Experience

Changes to the UI of the Lender Portal on Mobile.
Previously the Featured Rates component from the Landing Pages only displayed Conventional Loans, after this release it will also display VA and FHA loan products.

Encompass Mapping Enhancements

We have added some new fields to our Encompass mapping, such as: Credit Authorization - consent, Credit Authorization - method of authorization, Credit reference number, Credit scores.

Ability to Configure Pre-Approval Tasks Title and Content

Our clients will now be able to choose what type of letter they want to send to their borrowers, PreApproval or PreQualification.

Display Both Sets Of Credit Scores For Married Co-borrowers

Married Borrowers will now see both applicants credit scores

CoBorrower Task Improvements

Our clients will be able to choose the text in the CoBorrower invite task and they will also be able to choose if the last question is only available for married couples.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused Pipeline pagination to be inaccurate in some edge cases.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Custom task descriptions from showing.
  • The Lender Portal pipeline Completed? column now reflects whether or not an application was submitted.
  • In some circumstances, clicking Yes and then No in the CoBorrower task displays an error to the Borrower when they click Compl