Dec 1, 2020 Release Notes

Lender Portal

Support for Non-Par Pricing

We have added the ability to see multiple loan options based on how many points the Borrower is willing to pay for. For each loan product, we can now display non-par pricing with buy-down points and corresponding loan details (see image below). Note: this requires use of a pricing engine that supports and is configured to provide non-par pricing via their API.

Editable Pricing Filters

Lender Portal users can now change the default filter data in the Loan Pricer tab to create what-if scenario, for example, during a phone discussion when qualifying a new Borrower:

Pipeline “CRM" Status

We have added a new type of workflow status to help LOs and others track whether or not they have spoken to the Borrower, if the Borrower is merely a lead versus a motivated applicant, and so on. The LOS Status and Borrower Milestone in the application’s Status tab are read-only. In contrast, the Lender Portal user can modify an application’s CRM status at any time. Both Status values and colors are configurable:

Application “CRM” Status

The loan application file header now displays the “CRM” Status in addition to the LOS Loan number and LOS milestone status:

Lender Portal Task List Mirrors Borrower Portal Tasks List

In the application Tasks tab, the navigation sidebar that contains the list of tasks now visually matches what the Borrower sees in the Borrower Portal. This includes:
  • Grouping the tasks into task groups,
  • Grouping the tasks by Borrowers

Borrower Portal

Pre-fill Email address in Borrower Sign-up if Email Available

If the Borrower has already entered their email address in the Borrower question flow, then when we can now auto-populate the email address field in the Sign Up popup to minimize the “work” the Borrower must do to create an account/save progress.

Support for Non-Par Pricing

We have added the ability for the Borrower to see multiple loan options based upon buydown points. See page one for more information.
We added the ability for a Borrower to start entering a property address and have the matching addresses presented to them dynamically:
Note: use of the Friendly Address Search feature requires configuration changes included (but not limited to) modifying the client’s blueprint(s).

Additional Enhancements

MISMO 3.4/New URLA Changes

As part of our preparation to support the new URLA, this release contains the following changes:
  • We have updated our DU integration to pass the new MISMO 3.4 file instead of the 3.2 file.
  • We have enhanced the Lender Portal with the ability to download a loan application as a MISMO 3.4 file.