Borrower Document Uploads

Our document upload functionality provides a streamlined experience for both the Loan Officer and the Borrower. Once an application is submitted, our platform will automatically prompt the borrower to upload necessary supporting documents for any pertinent information in their application. If an asset or employment has been verified, our platform can omit these document upload requests automatically, providing a smoother experience for the borrower. You can also customize what triggers specific document requests, or omit specific document requests all together.

The borrower Experience

After a borrower submits their application, a list of follow-up document requests will open automatically.

The borrower can then drag a file into the area indicated, or they can click within that area to open a finder window to search for the document on their machine.

Borrowers also have the ability to leave comments and descriptions about the documents being uploaded.

The Lender Experience

From within the application in the Lender Hub, Loan officers first navigate to the "documents" tab, as highlighted below. This tab displays both lender documents and borrower documents, including credit reports, verification of asset reports, pre-qualification letters, and borrower uploaded documents.

A borrower document associated with a specific task in the application will be labeled as such in the "Related Borrower Task" column.

Loan Officers can also upload documents on behalf of the borrower using the "Upload Documents" button in the upper right.

Loan Officers can check on outstanding document requests in the "Borrower Tasks" tab.

Loan Officers can also create custom document requests and send them to the borrower. To do this, there are two ways:

1. From the "Borrower Tasks" tab, click on "Add Follow-up Tasks."

2. Click on the three-dot menu from any tab, and select "Add Borrower Follow-up Tasks."

Then in the recently open modal, select "Request Document. " The custom document request window will open.

Here Loan Officers can provide a label and description of the custom document request, as well as label whether the request is required or optional.

Once the Loan Officer submits the request, the custom document request will be visible to the borrower in the Borrower Hub in the exact same way as other borrower requests, as highlighted below.

File Limitations

Documents uploaded must be in the .pdf, .doc, .docx, .jpeg, .png, .xls, or .xlsx format. The maximum file size allowed is 15mb. If a borrower attempts to upload a file that is not supported, an error message will display, as shown below.

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