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September 6, 2023 Release Notes

Byte API

As part of this release, Revvin now offers an API integration with Byte, until now our integration was based on SDK. This new integration has been built with the idea of allowing our mutual clients to benefit from the improvements that the API integration brings.
  • Value: Improving our Lender Hub users experience
  • Leveraging this Feature: Clients that want to start using the API integration should contact [email protected]

Audit of applications before running AUS integrations - Essential Data Required

We have improved the experience when running AUS integrations (LPA and DU). We have added an audit that will display new warnings if certain data is missing when the agent tries to run AUS.
For example, if there is a pricing engine integration, when no loan product is selected, the agent will be asked to select a loan product before running AUS.
Warning about selecting a product before running AUS
In addition, if certain essential fields are missing, a form will show up in a modal asking the Loan Officer to enter the required information. Any fields that have been entered prior, will also be displayed in read-only mode to provide better context.
A new modal is displayed, to enter the required information
This is the first iteration of the AUS audit and may not cover all cases. We will be actively working on improving AUS audits in upcoming releases.
  • Value: Improving our Lender Hub users experience
  • Leveraging this Feature: This will affect all Clients that have any of our AUS integrations.