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Create Applications in Revvin from Encompass Loans

Please follow the following instructions to be able to start importing. Before you begin, you should have the Encompass Package provided by Revvin (the EMPKG file) on hand.

About this Feature

This feature allows users in Encompass to create applications in Revvin for the purposes of generating pre-qual letters, sending disclosures, and requesting documents. The list of fields pulled from Encompass into Revvin does not include all application data, but does include core data such as the borrowers personal information, and data pertaining to the subject property. Please contact a representative for further information.


  1. 1.
    Go to a Computer that has Encompass Installed.
  2. 2.
    Go to Windows Start Menu. Search for the Ellie Mae Encompass file. Open Input Form Builder and log in with your Encompass account.
Ellie Mae Encompass > Input Form Builder
Encompass Input Form Builder
  1. 3.
    Now you need to import the EMPKG file we provide. This file is already configured with everything necessary, so importing it from Tools > Package Import Wizard is the only requirement. Follow the Wizard steps. In the end, you will have the package imported successfully.
Package Import Wizard
Select EMPKG file
Package import completed
  1. 4.
    The new Form will allow Agents to select the Site for which a new application will be created on the Revvin Platform. After this, if you open the imported forms in the editor (this is not required), it will look like this:
Recently imported Forms in the Input Form Builder editor
  1. 5.
    It is necessary to restart Encompass if you did not close it before completing this step. After this, you can see this new Form when you open an application in your Encompass instance again.
"Create App in Revvin" new form
In this new Form, the Agent must select a Site from the Site List and push the "Create App in Revvin" button. These steps generate a new application in our Revvin Platform with the Encompass Loan information, including the tasks you previously requested us to complete and freeze.
The application has been successfully created on our Platform
Completed and frozen tasks when accessing the above Application through the Lender Hub. Note that the Encompass Loan number matches the Loan number in our system.
Notice the Site must be chosen. If the Agent doesn't select it, we show a popup notification, and the Application cannot be created until the Agent chooses one.
Popup notification about the required Site selection.
If you want to add this functionality, contact us at [email protected] to obtain the necessary file and configure the additional elements from our Platform.